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Ash Class

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Our Visit to White Post Farm

What a fantastic, fun-filled day we all had at White Post Farm! We learnt lots of very interesting things about the many different animals we saw there. We saw Geraldine, the goat, being milked and we also got to pet and feed lots of the animal too! There was just enough time for a quick play on the park and an ice cream before we left. 

Well done Ash class on your excellent behaviour throughout the day. Our guide, Nigel, also commented on how good the children were - so Dojo points all round!

Counting in Twos!

On Friday 7th July we went up onto the field to search for lost numbers. When we had collected all the hidden numbers, we discovered that they were all even numbers. When the children put the numbers in order, they found the numbers went up in twos.

Well done Ash class on using your maths skills to order the numbers!

As a reward for their excellent listening and fabulous problem solving, we all had an ice lolly to cool us down!

Check out our new favourite number song below.

Mini Beast Hunt

As part of our topic on animals, we have been learning about mini beasts and their habitats. Today (22.6.17) we went up onto the field to hunt for bugs. The children looked carefully in trees, shrubs and under stones and we found snails, beetles, ants, spiders and bees. After all our hard work, we enjoyed an apple juice and a Rocky Road in the sun!

Jewellery Making

This afternoon, Charlie's mum came in with all her jewellery making equipment and a huge selection of beads and showed the children how to make bracelets. The children absolutely LOVED it!  They all showed great creative skills and concentration power and as a result, made some beautiful bracelets - as I'm sure you will agree.

Thank you to Kerry (Charlie's mum) for her time and for donating all the beads, and to Pat for helping out!


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Happy Father's Day!

Thank you to all the wonderful daddies and grandads who visited Ash class today to celebrate Father's Day. The children really enjoyed having you all in the classroom.

Have a lovely day on Sunday!


3D Shape Hunt!

Today we had lots of fun, in the sun, on the field finding hidden 3D shapes. Once we had found all the shapes, we had to record their properties. The children showed great teamwork in counting and recording the number of faces, corners and edges of the shapes they had found.

And to reward all their hard work this term and for ALWAYS being such a fantastic class, we sat in the shade and enjoyed a refreshing ice lolly.

Well done super Ash Class!

P.E  fun in the sun!

To make the most of this beautiful sunny weather, the children took part in a mini assault course today in P.E. We had lots of fun cheering our teammates on and the children showed great communication and teamwork skills.


Well done everyone!

This Term's Favourite Songs!

Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

This afternoon (11.5.17) we practised our reading skills up on the field in the sun in a 'Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt'. The children had to find the hidden dinosaurs and the hidden information cards and match the text to the correct dinosaur.  

Everyone used their phonics knowledge to segment and blend the words on the information card in order to find the corresponding dinosaur.

Well done Ash Class!

Fun With Subtraction!

This week (week beginning 13th March) we have been learning how to subtract two single digit numbers and how to record our calculation in a number sentence. We have had a lot of fun with the Cookie Monster (he's been eating all our cookies) and playing subtraction games outside!

Pirate Subtraction

Making Vegetable Soup

This week, after reading the book 'Oliver's Vegetables' we decided to make our very own winter warming vegetable soup.

The children used lots of different skills to wash, scrub, peel and chop the vegetables in preparation for the soup.

We all agreed that the soup tasted delicious! It was so delicious that even Mrs Meredith, the school cook, asked us for the recipe. Later in the week we will be writing the recipe for our Literacy books. 


Ash Sweet Shop

We have had so much fun this week in our class sweet shop. The children were so confident in selecting the correct coins to buy the sweets - well done Ash Class!

Preparing for the RSPB Big School Bird Watch


In preparation for the bird watch on Tuesday afternoon, Ash Class did a bird scavenger hunt. They had to correctly identify several different kinds of garden birds that were hiding all around the playground. We all had a lot of fun!

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Outdoor Maths Problem Solving

Today Mr Gross visited Ash class and asked the children to help him with a very important task. He asked the children if they could collect and sort some number cards that had been left outside over night and blown all over the playground. In their groups, the children had to search the playground to find all the cards and then work out a way to determine which cards were missing.

The children showed great team work and together were able to solve the problem for Mr Gross. Well done Ash!

Traditional Dress


On Thursday 2nd December we had a visit from Miss Swinburne's Indian friend, Puneet. She told us all about traditions and customs from India and we tried on different saris and salwars and kameez (pyjama trousers and tunics) and learnt the traditional Bhangra dance. It was so much fun!

Indian Bhangra Dance

Let your child show you how to dance Bhangra style!


On Wednesday 30th November we had a Greek afternoon! We looked at traditional costumes of Greece and watched a video clip of the Evsone soldiers who guard the parliament building in Athens.

Changing of the Guard

We did some Greek Syrtaki dancing, tried some Greek food and learnt how to say hello in Greek!


As part of this term's clothes topic we have been looking at uniforms. This week (week beginning 21st November 2016) we have had two very special visitors in Ash and Cedar class who came to tell us all about their special uniforms.
On Tuesday 22nd November, PC Fowler came to talk to us about his police uniform. It was very interesting and we learnt all about the equipment on his jacket and what it is used for.
Mrs Frost came to tell us about her very important job as the school lollipop lady. She also explained to us how important her uniform is and how it helps to keep us all safe when we cross the road.

Children in Need

Today, for 'Children in Need' we had a lot of fun creating 2D Pudsey Bear faces. In our groups, we discussed the similarities and the differences of the shapes we used to make Pudsey Bear!

A Parcel from Santa...

Today, Wednesday 10th November Ash and Cedar Class had a parcel dropped on the roof of the school from SANTA!!! He wanted us to do a very important job...