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Sherwood Forest (15/3/18)


On Thursday 15th March, LKS2 visited Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre. Despite the rain in the morning, the children thoroughly enjoyed the day, getting stuck in and getting the most out of each of our activities. We firstly took part in den building, trying to create a shelter which could withstand an earthquake (shake test) and storm (water test). Although some of the class did get a little damp, we all enjoyed creating our own homes! Following that we walked round to the Major Oak, looking for many of the 'fairy houses' along the way. After a short lunch break, we took part in an orienteering task around the centre, finding symbols in set locations. Well done Birch Class, you represented the school excellently, I hope that you enjoyed the day as much as the staff did!

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Map skills


In our Topic work, we have learnt about maps, the symbols which are used to represents landmarks and how to describe the location of objects and the directions of travel using the 8 points of a compass. The photos below show members of our class showing the maps they created of their own settlements.


The criteria which the children were given was that their settlement could include any features of their own but must include (using the correct symbols) the following:

A school, a lake and river, buildings, a motorway, 3 main roads, 6 small roads, a bridge, 2 different classifications of woods, a train line and station and a footpath.


See if you can spot these landmarks on their maps. Good luck!

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LKS2 trip to the Butterfly House


On Thursday 28th September, Birch class, along with the rest of Lower Key Stage 2, traveled to Anston to visit the Tropical Butterfly House. During the visit and linking with our Science topic, we toured the whole park looking at a great variety of creatures and their habitats. We also had chance to explore the (Extraordinarily) Tropical Butterfly House and were able to learn about some more 'unusual' animals whose home is a rainforest type climate.


We all had a wonderful day and even had time to visit the gift shop! Please take time to look through the photos which are in the 'Trips and Visitors' section of the Lower Key Stage 2 page.

Old Macdonald had a glock

Old Macdonald had a glock

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Birch class showing off their musical talents!

Maya God clay work

This term we will study Mexico and the ancient civilisation of The Maya. As part of our work, we learnt about the 4 Maya Gods who were worshipped (Chac, Yum Caax, Kukulkan and Kinich Ahau) and how images and representations of the gods show how they were perceived. After learning a little about each of the gods, the children designed their own god, concentrating on what good they could show the people of The Maya. Below are images of clay models which the children made to represent their gods. Can you guess which living creatures they represent?
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Robin Hood story work


Over recent weeks, we have written our own endings to a Robin Hood story. Once the children had written their stories, we worked in groups to peer assess the work of other children against success criteria which the children had created themselves. The quality of both the stories written by the children and the assessment which the groups completed was excellent, well done to everybody involved. Below are some photographs of some groups working on assessing the work.


English - Recount of our trip to Nottingham Castle


Following our trip to Nottingham Castle, Birch Class looked at examples of recounts to understand their features. Once we had done this, we planned and wrote our own recount of our trip and have produced a beautiful display of our writing. Many thanks to Mrs Stevenson whose creative flair helped our work look even better in the shape of Nottingham Castle to help us remember our visit in even more detail.

Picture 1

Art (Gaudi lizards)


In Art, we studied the style of Antoni Gaudi by looking at and discussing the features of his works. We then designed and made our own lizards in his style. We hope that you enjoy seeing some examples of our work!

Maths work


In Maths, we have been working on, learning and recalling our times tables.  We discovered that we can use cubes, or any other objects, to help us count on to find the answer to times table problems.