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Year 6 Leavers Poem

Mr Baxter, Mrs Watson, is it lunchtime soon?

By Year 6 you’d think we’d know, it’s always been noon!

Question after question, it’s how we get our kicks,

However, there has been some other trends throughout year 6.


First here’s a sneaky clue: it should be on our table,

We should just keep it still, however we’re just not able.

You’d be surprised to know that its primary use is sipping,

Yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s the tedious, incessant bottle flipping!


We used to do this next thing all the time till it was banned,

It is a silly dance move where we have to raise one hand.

The teachers didn’t like it – but we thought it was fab,

Not the moonwalk or the running man – no, the year 6 dab!


From all the viral memes, there were so many I could have chose,

From “Pen, Pineapple, Apple Pen” to the Crazy “What are Thooooooose?”

Our teachers didn’t mind this one (at least it hushed our din)

We’d suddenly stop in our tracks for challenge: mannequin!


Then came a craze that swept the school from year 6 to reception,

Mrs Mainprize said she loved this one and would make an exception.

It was a girl thing that the boys chose to forgo,

The ever-growing, multi-coloured, subtle Jo-Jo Bow!


Then, in a flash, SATs came and went: “It’s over!” we all sighed,

Once Summer Term was underway these fads seemed to subside.

The teachers thought these trends had gone (“Aren’t we onto a winner?”)

But shops just sat and laughed at that as they sold the Fidget Spinner…


These crazes may have been and gone but there’s much more to learn

And teachers will await the fads of their days to return,

Toys or fashion, turns of phrase, we’ll have to wait and see,

As we move up to year 7, what will the next one be?