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Striving to Achieve Our BEST!

Star of the Week

The following children have earned the 'Star of the Week' award, each for their own reason. Please take time to read how they achieved greatness. 


You really are Striving to achieve you BEST.

29/3/18 - Riley Gascoigne

                 Riley has impressed me this week and earned the 'Star Writer' award for his mature and positive approach to editing and                                 improving his writing. This week while we have been creating our writing for the 'Things that we love' book, Riley has taken on                       board feedback and, using a very considered approach, has produced a piece of writing truly fit for a wide audience. Well done                       Riley!


23/3/18 - Joseph Elliott

                 Joseph has earned this award for his creativity and imagination in English. His created superhero, 'White Tiger', was planned with                     great thought. I look forward to reading all about his escapades in the future. Well done Joseph, if is great to see your ideas with                     such clarity, keep up the great work.


16/3/18 - Daniel Jones

                 Daniel has grown and matured this year into a positive, enthusiastic and generally great member of the class. I know that he will                     always work hard and produce the highest level of work that he is capable of and is always positive in responding to feedback                         about it. Daniel also displayed his 'bouncebackability' at Sherwood Forest by getting stuck in and regardless of whether he was                       clean or covered in mud, kept putting his best into each activity. Well done Daniel, keep it up!


9/3/18 - Mason Pearson-Fisher

               Mason has earned this Star Reader award for the great effort that he puts into reading. He has grown in confidence from being                       uncertain in reading simple texts, to capturing the attention of the class when reading aloud. Well done, keep up this great work                     Mason.


15/2/18 - Eva-Bella Taylor

                 Eva-Bella has earned this award because of the effort and perseverance that she has shown. She focuses well, works hard and,                         most importantly, embraces a new challenge. Keep going Eva-Bella, you are doing brilliantly.


9/2/18 - Mason Pearson-Fisher

               I have worked closely with Mason this week and enjoyed every part of it. He has shown a transformation recently to show more                       positivity in lessons and around school to get more out of lessons. I think that Mason now realises that everything he does in                           lessons is important and even if it isn't his favourite lesson, he must try his BEST. Keep up the positive attitude Mason, it makes a                     huge difference.


2/1/18 - Louis Harvey

               What a week Louis has had! The enthusiasm and energy that he has put into his work has, at times, amazed me. His positive                           attitude and determination to complete work well and with haste has spread across the room, having a positive impact on his                         peers and even me! Keep up this drive Louis, it is great to see you with a glint in your eye.


26/1/18 - Ruby Harvey

                 The effort, energy and enjoyment that Ruby has shown in school since Christmas, but especially over the last two weeks, has filled                   me with joy. I have loved working with Ruby in everything she has done in this time and has shown her ability to complete work                     to a good standard in all areas of the curriculum, well done Ruby, keep going!


19/1/18 - Olivia Durow

                 Olivia is the clear choice to be the 'Star of the Week' this week because of the effort she has put into every area of work. She has                     worked incredibly well in Maths, mastering the column addition and subtraction methods we have worked on and has shown                         great improvement in the presentation of her work through her handwriting also. Well done Olivia, keep up the great work.


12/1/18 - Tilly Hicks

                 Tilly is an easy choice to be the Star Writer this week because of the sheer enjoyment I have when reading her work. Tilly is                             developing a real style of writing which is a pleasure to read and she should be very proud of this. Well done Tilly, keep putting in                   the hard work, you are doing amazingly well.


21/12/17 - Olivia Edwards

                   Olivia has really grown into Birch Class and is now a confident and more outgoing member of the class. Following a quiet start                       to the year, she now add interesting ideas to lessons willingly and will often explain her answers in great depth, showing the                           other children what a force she can be. Well done Olivia, keep it up!


14/12/17 - Lewis Harvey

                  Lewis has made great effort this year working on his handwriting and presentation of work and has made huge strides recently                        to now present his work neatly and accurately.  I am very impressed with how the effort which lewis has put in is now paying off,                    he has shown  great resilience in reaching a target which he has had for some time.


8/12/17 - Thomas Wiser

                Thomas has shown great ability to apply skills he has learnt in lessons into his independent writing. In his story, which he wrote                      last week, he included many of the grammatical features we had covered in the unit accurately and could explain what each                            feature was, how to use them and give examples for other children to use too.  You are turning into a writing whizz Thomas, well                    done!


1/12/17 - Sam Thornhill

                Sam has shown great improvement recently in two areas which have both contributed to his receiving of this award.  Sam has                        worked hard on his handwriting and presentation of work and now contributes more in lessons, playing a more active role in what                  we are doing in class. Well done Sam, keep working hard to achieve all that you can.


24/11/17 - Connie Hallam

                   Connie is a confident reader who clearly enjoys her ability to understand what she reads.  Her best skill and the reason for being                     selected as Star Reader is being able to talk in detail about what she has read, commenting on reasons for actions, forming and                       justifying opinions on any genre of text.  Keep up the great effort Connie, you are doing very well.


17/11/17 - Layla Holt

                   Layla shows great enthusiasm, thought and care in her work. The effort and determination that Layla shows to get as much as                         she can from each lesson is incredible and explains why she is a pleasure to have in class. Keep putting in this effort Layla, you                         are doing wonderful things!


3/11/17 - Danny Wheeldon

                 Danny has been chosen to be our Star Writer because of his use of language, awareness and consistency in use of punctuation                       and the fact that his writing is simply a pleasure to read.  Your imagination and ability to engage readers with excellent language                     choices is a true talent Danny, please continue to write with such flair. You can find Danny's most recent piece of writing on                       the wonderwall!


19/10/17 - Henry Jack

                   Henry is a very bright, positive and enthusiastic member of Birch Class but has especially impressed me this week with his ability                     to discuss topics in a very mature, yet opinionated approach.  As part of his role as School Councillor, Henry held a lively debate                     with some members of the class, always explaining his opinions with clarity and maturity. Well done, please continue this Henry!


13/10/17 - Lucie Ironmonger

                  What a wonderful young lady Lucie is.  She is the definition of a role-model and shows anybody who needs it, how to conduct                        themselves in school.  Lucie's work is always accurate, neat and her best.  She has a kind-hearted nature and behaves impeccably                    both in the classroom and on the playground.  Thank you and I'm sure you will continue your fine approach to school life!


6/10/17 - Evan Reeves

                 Evan has shown HUGE knowledge, enthusiasm and effort in English recently during our 'Dragons' topic. His speed of thought and                   quality of contribution has lit up some lessons and as a result, I can't wait to read and enjoy his writing. Well done Evan, keep up                     this superb work.


29/9/17 - Shannon Edwards

                 What a joy Shannon is to teach, she surpasses my expectations in her amount and quality of contributions to lessons by always                       putting her hand up to join in.  She puts every effort into making not only her work but other people's work better, thank you for                   being such a positive member of Birch Class.


22/9/17 - Taylor Keeble

                Taylor has made a great start to the year and simply will not settle for anything other than her BEST work. She has really driven                        herself to create and write a fantastic epitaph this week, well done Taylor, keep up the great work.


15/9/17 - Jake Cooper

                 Jake has earned Birch Class's first Star of the Week for this year by showing great focus, application and effort in all that he has                       done. He has made a great start to the year and I look forward to him continuing in such a positive manner, well done Jake.