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Star of the Week Award


Congratulations to my Stars of the Week so far.  This is a great achievement and you should be very proud of yourself.  I am sure you will keep up the hard work, and continue to be a star!

Mrs Reeves


9th June 2017  Reegan Yeo

Reegan is an absolute star in Oak Class!  She has worked conscientiously and carefully through every task.   Her behaviour is excellent and she's lots of fun in Class.  She is a real asset!


25th May 2017  Lily Herron

Lily is my star for being an absolute star!  She has a great attitude to school and always does her best to produce work she can be proud of.  Also, she has an excellent sense of humour which has made her a real asset to the class.  Thank you for being you, Lily!


19th May 2017  Tilly Hicks

Tilly is a delightful member of Oak Class.  She always works very hard and achieve great results!  Her maturity has developed so much this year and she has definitely proved herself to be an asset to our class.  Keep it up, Tilly!


*Star Writer*

2th May 2017  Chloe Moore

Chloe's writing is lovely to read.  She is very accurate in her use of the different aspects of grammar and punctuation we have learnt in class.  On top of this, her handwriting and presentation are second to none! Well done, Chloe!


5th May 2017  Charlie Pilcher

Charlie is a real star!  He has a lovely calm manner when working and is very focussed during lessons.  This is really paying off for him - he has written a great version of 'Theseus and the Minotaur'.  Keep it up, Charlie!


28th April 2017  Ashton Parsons

Ashton has earned this award over and over again this year, but it has been his enthusiasm for our Ancient Greece topic that has really caught my eye.  I look forward to reading his own 'Greek Myth'!  Well done and keep it up! 


*Maths Star*

21st April 2017  Jack Cheeseman

Miss Marriott has chosen Jack because of his infectiously enthusiastic approach to maths.  He consistently tries hard to push himself and rises to challenges set.  Well done and keep it up! 


*Maths Star*

21st April 2017  Connie Hallam

Mr Gross chose Connie for her neat presentation and understanding of new methods.  This has helped her clear ability to describe how she has found answers.  Connie will continue to make good progress because she does everything correctly.  Well done, keep it up! 


*Star Reader*

31st March 2017  William Helliwell

William is my Star Reader because of the great progress he is making with his reading.  He is full of enthusiasm during Guided Reading and loves learning new things.  Keep it up, William! 


24th March 2017  Riley Gascoigne

Riley is a star because of all he brings to Oak Class.  He has a great attitude to learning and always works hard in lessons.  He has been enthusiastic about our 'Chocolate' topic and it shows in his work.  Keep it up!


17th March 2017  Ethan Ife

Ethan is Oak Class Star because of his increasing confidence in class.  He has recently shown a more resilient attitude and now works hard to make improvements to his work.  His lovely, calm presence makes him an asset to our class.  Keep it up!


10th March 2017  Lewis Wall

Lewis is my star because of his excellent attitude in class.  His enthusiasm for our recent topic is infectious!  Lewis always offers so much in class, and to school life, and he's a real asset to us all.  Keep it up, Lewis!


3rd March 2017  Isobel Stevenson

Isobel is my star for the extra effort she is putting into her work!  Her handwriting and spelling are improving all the time, and her written work is becoming clearer and easier to read.  Keep it up, Isobel!


*Star Writer*

24th February 2017  Tilly Hicks

Tilly is my Star Writer!  Her handwriting is joined and fluent, and she presents her work beautifully.  She is using some super phrases and working hard to apply all we are learning in class.  Keep it up, you are doing really well!


3rd February 2017  Jack Cheeseman

Jack deserves this award for the 100% effort I've seen just lately.  He is focussed on each task, showing masses of enthusiasm and his work is greatly improved as a consequence.  Keep it up!


27th January 2017  Zackary Pickard

Zackary is a star because of his excellent attitude in all we do.  He is a skilled mathematician, finding this subject enjoyable but his consistent and mature approach in all subjects means he achieves really good results across the board.  Well done Zack!


20th January 2017  Sofia Smith 

Sofia is always a star but she has earned herself this award this week for her steady, sensible and mature approach to our lessons. She is giving real focus in class and is now reaping the rewards and getting the success she deserves.  Keep it up!


13th January 2017  Joe Cooper

Joe has really started to come into his own in Year 4.  He is consistently working hard, particularly in Maths and English, to the very best he can.  He is a real asset to our class and a mature member of LKS2.  Well done, Joe!


*Star Writer*

7th January 2017  Reegan Yeo

Reegan is proving to be a creative and accomplished writer.  She uses a range of strategies to draw the reader in and is now concentrating on using more complex punctuation.  Keep it up, Reegan!


*Star Reader*

16th December 2016  Evan Reeves

Evan has worked very hard to improve his reading and is now reaping the rewards.  His enthusiasm and enjoyment has gone through the roof and he is a key member of the LKS2 Book Club!  Keep up the great effort, Evan! 


2nd December 2016  Lewis Harvey

Lewis REALLY deserves this award for the super effort and focus he has been putting into his work recently.  He has been the model pupil in Oak Class, and I'm sure he'll continue to dazzle us!


25th November 2016  Rhys Kitson

Rhys' attitude in class is excellent.  He always gives his best and is working hard to make improvements in his handwriting.  Rhys also impressed me with his knowledge of volcanoes in guided reading!  Keep up the hard work!


18th November 2016  Connie Hallam

Connie has been giving 100% since starting in Year 3.  She has particularly impressed me with her written work lately, with her aiming to make it detailed and full of great vocabulary.  Keep it up, Connie!


11th November 2016  Zuzanna Pytlik

Zuzanna is a delight to have in Oak Class.  She is working very hard in all subjects and is always focussed and engaged during lessons. Keep it up Zuzanna, you are a real star!


*Star Writer*

4th November 2016  Jessica Sirrell

Jessica is proving to be an accomplished writer.  She is using lots of interesting description and her spelling accuracy is most impressive.  I am sure she will continue to work very hard to continue to make progress.


*Maths Star*

20th October 2016  Lily Herron

Lily's work in Maths has consistently been of a high standard.  She is able to work out complex questions and calculations and after a few little 'blips' at the start of term, she now takes it all in her stride.  Keep it up Lily!


14th October 2016  

Oak Class star was unfortunately absent...who could it be?!  It's Oliver Cherry!  Oliver deserves this award for the great start he has made to Year 4.  He is putting in 100% effort into his work and is achieving good results.  I can see a more mature attitude too, which is great.  Keep it up!


7th October 2016  Chloe Moore

Chloe is my start for her excellent attitude to learning.  She has a calm, focussed and mature approach which enables her to show off her talents to full effect.  You are a real asset to the class!


30th Sept 2016  Ellie-May Rudd-Burrows

Ellie-May is a very reliable and sensible member of the class.  She works very hard in all lessons and always gives her best.  A great start to Year 4, well done!


23rd Sept 2016  Emily Bell

Emily is my Star of the Week for the amount of effort she is putting into her work.  She has gone above and beyond and is contributing very well to class discussions.  An excellent start!


16th Sept 2016  Mason Bowler 

An obvious choice for Oak Class Star of the Week.  Mason has settled incredibly well into our class and shows a very kind nature and a mature attitude.  A fine example, keep it up!