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Stars of the Week

*Maths Star*

Abigail Stevenson


What a marvellous maths star Abigail is! She works hard, shows great understanding, has a really positive attitude and she does her homework! Fantastic.


Lily Herron


Lily could be a star all day every day, She is conscientious and hardworking, a great role model and has recently produced some lovely writing - well done Lily, I know you will keep it up.


Zack Pickard


Zack could be a star every week. He is a great role model, always working hard, concentrating well and completing excellent work. He is always a superstar in maths, but he also wowed me in his reading test, getting the top score in year 5! Well done Zack.


Payton Boulton


Payton has shown real maturity within his maths lessons. He asked to be seated at the front so he could concentrate and since his move there has been a marked improvement in his work.


Jonathan Buss


Jonathan has wowed me this week with his efforts in the practise English SATs tests. He shows clear understanding of the grammar terms and is able to answer reading questions with accuracy and detail. One for Mr Baxter to watch next year... Keep up the great work Jonathan!


Molly Blower


Molly is trying really hard with her writing and it's really paying off.  She includes interesting vocabulary and punctuation. Her work is a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work Molly!


Georgie Milson


Georgie is always a star, she tries hard in all that she does to produce some excellent work. She has a

smiley, bubbly personality and is a great role model to others. She also shone brightly as Mary Poppins in our KS2 performance, a brilliant leading lady! Well done Georgie!


Niamh Hutchinson


Niamh is always a star, she tries hard in all that she does to produce some excellent work. She has a

smiley, bubbly personality and is a great role model to others. This week she is also shining brightly in our Mary Poppins play and putting on a great performance. Well done Niamh.


Chloe Moore


Chloe is my shining star this week. I have seen her become more confident within discussions an activities.  She is a delightful and positive member of Sycamore Class at all times.


Ella Shurki


Ella has worked incredibly hard in English this week and has shown great determination to produce some lovely work. Well done Ella and keep this up!


Zara Hurdis


Zara has been putting some fantastic effort into her English work this week and this has really shown in the writing of her evacuation letter. Miss Horton has really enjoyed reading your letter and has been impressed with the way you have risen to the challenge. You should be really proud of your writing this week it shows some amazing progress.


*Maths Star*

Ashton Parsons


Ashton has an enthusiastic attitude to mathematics.  He is a very capable and determined mathematician who works with great accuracy and confidence. Well done Ashton, I know you will keep this up!


*Star Writer*

Ruby Bamford


Ruby has really impressed me with her writing so far, she has a mature style and is including really interesting sentence structures and

vocabulary. She even uses punctuation for parenthesis accurately. Well done Ruby!


Ashley Clarke


Ashley has been putting some fantastic effort into his maths work this week and this is really paying off with the progress he is making. Miss Horton has been really impressed with the way he has risen to the challenges she has set. Well done Ashley, now you have to keep it up!


Oliver Edmeads


Oliver has really caught my eye as someone who is always doing what they should be. He is hardworking, conscientious, well behaved and always puts in 100% effort. Well done Oliver, I know you will keep up it up!


Amelie Hunter


Amelie has made a great start to the year in Upper Key Stage Two. She has impressed me with the quality and quantity of her work across the curriculum. She is also one of our first class Ambassadors. Well done Amelie, I know you will keep up it up!


Abigail Stevenson


Abigail has made such a positive start in Sycamore Class. I have been impressed with her work across the

curriculum, but particularly in English where she is full of ideas, has a lovely way with words and always goes the extra mile to produce quality work that goes beyond what is expected, keep up the great work Abigail!


Jayden Reeve


Jayden has made a great start to the yer in Sycamore Class. He has taken on several positions of responsibility, including school councillor, team colour captain and class ambassador.  He is also getting really involved in class. Well done Jayden keep up the great attitude.  


Cameron Richardson


Cameron has made such a positive start to life in Upper Key Stage Two, settling in without fuss and trying his best with every task set. Well done Cameron keep it up!