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Stars of the Week


Evie Bexon

Evie is always a star, she works hard in class and has a great attitude to her work, in this way she is an excellent role model to others. Her work is always a pleasure to read-keep up the great work Evie!



Georgia Foulds

Georgia is a hardworking member of Sycamore Class.  She sets and excellent example with her behaviour and can always be relied on to try hard with her work.  Keep up the good work Georgia, your efforts are really paying off.



Zoë Jordan

Zoë is always a star, she works hard in class, listens well and settles down quickly to produce good quality work. She is also a sensible and

caring friend who can be relied on to demonstrate excellent behaviour during playtimes. Well done Zoë keep up the good work!



Libby Buxton

Libby is always a star, she is an excellent role model for others, working quietly, sensibly and trying her nest in everything she does. Because of this great attitude to school life she continues to make good progress. Well done Libby!


*Star Writer*


Harley McGibbon

Harley has made huge improvements with his writing this year, with both content and presentation.  He has worked extra hard to develop beautiful joined handwriting and he is also focusing on the content and structure of his work. Brilliant effort Harley!



Eleanor Thomas

Eleanor has worked really hard to add more detail to her work, recently she has written a lovely poem about what makes Eleanor, Eleanor! This shows the extra thought and care she is putting into her work. Well done!



Bradley Glover

Bradley has been a star in computing lessons. He really knows his way around a computer, can research and find information and present it brilliantly. He is also helpful to others. Well done Bradley - keep it up!


*Maths Star*


Leo Robinson

Leo's confidence in maths is really improving and this is helping with his work across all aspects of the subject. He works hard to use the strategies he has been taught to solve increasingly difficult problems. Well done Leo!


*Star Reader*


Bradley Currie

Bradley has really impressed me with his efforts in reading. During guided reading sessions he comes full of ideas - talks passionately about the book and explores the themes and language really well. Great work Bradley.



Joseph Dougan

Joseph gets this award for his talent in music. He is a star recorder player. Not only that but he is also keeping himself out of trouble more and producing some great work in class.



Myles Edwards

Myles has really impressed me in English this week with his knowledge or grammar and punctuation terms and his application of them in his writing. Well done Myles, keep up the good work!



Harvey Jolly

Harvey is starting to make some really great progress – in maths his confidence has grown and as a result he is producing some great work. In guided reading he keeps impressing me with his ideas about the story and his understanding of the vocabulary. Well done Harvey – keep it up!



Ellie-May Hughes

Ellie-May is a star worker in Sycamore class, she listens well, settles down quickly to tasks and works hard to complete work to a good standard within the time allowed - well done and keep it up!   


*Star Writer*


Olivia Francis

Olivia is an imaginative and creative writer, her work is full of content and she is now paying more attention to higher level grammar and punctuation to produce quality pieces of work. Well done Olivia - keep it up!


*Maths Star*


Lewis Rodgers

Lewis has gone from strength to strength in maths, he grasps new concepts quickly and is beginning to apply his knowledge in problem solving situations - well done Lewis keep it up!



Will Lewis-Dale

Will has astounded me in English so far this term. He has really got into the text ‘Journey To The River Sea’. He shows fantastic understanding of the characters and events and regularly offers his insights and opinions - all backed up with evidence! Great work Will, Keep it up!



Lily Love

Lily is always hardworking, polite and sensible.  She is making great progress, particularly with reading and writing.  Most importantly she get on without fuss and stays away from trouble, in this she is a great example to others.  



Leon Cottee

Leon is never any trouble, he works hard in class and can be relied on to get on with tasks without fuss.  He is a great role model to others with his excellent attitude and calm approach. 



Jessica Espin

Jessica is always keen to learn, whatever the lesson, she plays an active part in class discussion often contributing valuable

ideas and opinions. I’ve been particularly impressed in English, where she is making some good progress.


*Star Writer*


Ryan Hutchinson

Ryan uses some excellent vocabulary in his writing which makes it a pleasure to read.  He has a mature style and often includes humour too!  I particularly enjoyed his work on the John Lewis advert, writing from Buster the Boxer’s point of view. Well done Ryan and keep it up!



*Star Reader*


Harvey Wild

Harvey Has really impressed both me and Mrs Lomas with his progress in reading, he is putting in the effort and trying really hard - keep it up Harvey! 



Alex Reeves

Alex is always a star, she gives 100% to everything she does. Her English work is particularly impressive, but her contributions to all of school life through dancing, acting, radio presenting, helping out out wherever she can and always being kind and considerate prove what an asset she is!



Sophie Lagoe

Sophie has shown a real 'I can' attitude to her work, especially in art where she really got on well with the task. In class she is listening well, working hard and always tries her best. Well done Sophie - Keep it up!



James Russell

James has worked really hard on suspense writing in the past week. He has included lots of different features to engage the reader - his work is a pleasure to read.



Amber Whitlam

Amber has really impressed me with her work in history this week. She was asking and answering lots of questions and has produced some fantastic work on Tudor punishments. Well Done!


*Star Writer*


Evie Bexon

Evie's writing is always a pleasure to read. Her work is creative and well thought through. She shares her ideas with others and is a good peer assessor, identifying ways to improve writing well.


*Maths Star*


Will Lewis-Dale

Will has really impressed me with his work in maths. He listens well and completes and excellent amount of work each lesson. He has done really well in the half termly assessment resulting in a promotion to the 'Top Table'. Well done Will - keep it up!



Lewis Rodgers

Lewis has impressed me with his keen attitude and knowledge, especially in science where he contributes well to discussion and shows an impressive understanding of all things electrical. Well done Lewis!



Rhys Waldron

Rhys has really impressed me with the start he has made in Sycamore Class. His work is thorough, well thought through and a pleasure to read. Well done Rhys - Keep it up!



Kian Palfreyman

Kian is my star because of his brilliant attitude to school life. He has made a great start in all subjects is conscientious and delivers a high standard of work. Well done and keep it up Kian! 



Amelia Smith

Amelia has really impressed me with the start she has made in Sycamore class. She has a great work ethic, is conscientious and delivers a high standard of work. Well done Amelia!



Evie Riordan

Evie has made a great start in Sycamore Class. I have been particularly impressed with her kindness and willingness to help others, especially when we made flashlights.