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A Visit From An Author

A Visit from the Author Julia Jarman

We have had a very exciting afternoon in KS1 today! We had a visit from the famous children's author, Julia Jarman.

Julia brought a selection of her fabulous books with her and shared them with the children. We all had great fun listening to Julia read her stories, studying the illustrations and joining in with the rhymes.

Julia also explained the process she goes through when she writes a book. She told us how her initial ideas evolve and how she plans and drafts these ideas into a story. We were all very interested to look at the plans and the 'story mountain' she had for her book, 'Big Red Bath'.  We also learnt her editing process is similar to the steps we take at school when we do a piece of  writing in class.

Julia convinced us that we can all plan, draft and write engaging stories and we are looking forward to using her suggestions and ideas in our next piece of writing at school!

For more information about Julia Jarman and her fantastic books, click on the link:


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