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Check out what George has been up to with his electricity circuit! I like the way that he is able to talk about the features of the circuit, why it works (and doesn't work). He clearly understands that if the circuit is complete, the motor will work and if there is a break in the circuit and it is incomplete or broken, the motor will not work! Well done George! It's great to see that you have also taught your parents all about electricity too! :-)


Jessica (or Doris!) has been investigating how different liquids have different densities. I like the way that we can see each step of her science investigation and the finished product is really great to look at. I'm sure you had great fun making this! I have also heard that Jessica has been taking part in many PE activities. Having seen these, I challenge you all to have a go at 'baby shark abs' (find it on youtube). Right up your street if you are keen to work hard! If you're feeling really brave, challenge someone else at home, see if you can do it together. Either way, it'd be great to see someone having a go! Well done Doris, great work!


Joshua has been very busy with his family, spreading the message to keep safe, baking some wonderful-looking cakes, planting and creating a beautiful and very powerful piece of artwork. Well done Joshua, it's lovely to see the range of activities that you have been able to do. 

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