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Returning to school

For those of you who are returning to school, please find these photographs to show you what school will look like.  Over the past weeks, the staff's primary job has been to make sure that our school is as safe as possible to welcome back the children whose families want them to return before the summer break. If you have any questions, I have sent an email on purplemash, which you can reply to ask me any questions. I look forward to seeing you all soon whether at school or elsewhere.

Work at home



Cady has been really keen to share her new gecko, called Skittles, with me and with you all. It clearly has a beautiful skin pattern and is really quite striking. She has already told me that Skittles has shed her skin and is settling well into her new home.


Take a look at Harry (and Jack's) Father's Day cards. I really like the melting ice lolly design, great job Harry! I'm sure your dad really loved his card and of course spending time with you!


WOW William, what a great variety of activities you have been taking part in at home.  Thank you for sending some photos in (which we can see below) but I have also been able to see the videos that you have made with your sister and posted on youtube. I'll wait for your (and your parents' approval before sharing the channel name). It's great to hear you have made your own projects to keep you busy and entertained as well as completing a great amount of school work.


What a range of activities Callum has been up to. From working very hard on both the work packs and completing some great work on purple mash, to some adventurous outdoor activities. I do like the face that you are pulling on the rope swing Callum, it looks terrifying! Keep up the great work!


Jacob has clearly been busy with lots of outdoor and creative activities. Well done Jacob for continuing to keep yourself busy.


Annabel has clearly spent time (with her mum's help) to continue learning the piano. Her performance of 'I won't last a day without you' by The Carpenters is played beautifully. It is a real skill to be able to play the piano, especially like this! This is amazing Annabel, keep up this fantastic effort, I would really like to see you perform this when we return to school.


George as clearly been busy devouring books over the past weeks. You can see him very comfy enjoying his latest read. Thank you for sending this in George, it's lovely to hear you are all enjoying what you're doing.


From the photos, it's easy to see that Harry has been able to take part in lots of different activities.  Well done for getting on with your work pack Harry, it's no surprise to see you enjoying a bit of maths.  It's great to see you spending time with your family too. Keep safe, keep smiling Harry!


Clearly Maximus has been making the most of the lovely weather recently.  It's great to see you enjoying plenty of fun activities, you look like one of the snakes on the snakes and ladders board! Keep smiling Maximus, keep safe.


I think we have next year's first contestant for Masterchef right here folks!  Have a look at Faith making her tea with her family from scratch, very well done to Faith.  I really like the way that you can describe exactly how to make each part of the chicken nugget and the things you must do.  I hope that you all enjoyed your food! Well done, it looks great!

FE video.MOV

Still image for this video


Mabel has clearly been very busy, not only celebrating her birthday last week but also finding time to enjoy the pleasant weather. It is lovely to see you having chance to do these different activities and I'm sure there have been many more too. Well done Mabel.


Thank you Mason for keeping in touch. It's good to hear from you and see you hard at work. I'm glad I'm not the only one spending a bit more time in pyjamas! I'm sure you have been telling Ruby all the answers to her work too!


Check out what George has been up to with his electricity circuit! I like the way that he is able to talk about the features of the circuit, why it works (and doesn't work). He clearly understands that if the circuit is complete, the motor will work and if there is a break in the circuit and it is incomplete or broken, the motor will not work! Well done George! It's great to see that you have also taught your parents all about electricity too! :-)


Jessica (or Doris!) has been investigating how different liquids have different densities. I like the way that we can see each step of her science investigation and the finished product is really great to look at. I'm sure you had great fun making this! I have also heard that Jessica has been taking part in many PE activities. Having seen these, I challenge you all to have a go at 'baby shark abs' (find it on youtube). Right up your street if you are keen to work hard! If you're feeling really brave, challenge someone else at home, see if you can do it together. Either way, it'd be great to see someone having a go! Well done Doris, great work!


Joshua has been very busy with his family, spreading the message to keep safe, baking some wonderful-looking cakes, planting and creating a beautiful and very powerful piece of artwork. Well done Joshua, it's lovely to see the range of activities that you have been able to do.