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Ancient Greek shields

As part of our work studying Ancient Greece and their army, the children have designed and made replica Greek shields.  They thoroughly enjoyed using modroc and water to create the hard base for the shields and will soon add their painted design to prepare themselves for battle on our Ancient Greek Day later this half-term.  Well done everyone for your great work and positive attitudes through the activity.

Ancient Greek pots

We shaped clay using our hands into a cup shape. We used a small piece of extra clay to make an handle. We used a method called scoring. We found it easier to remember this by saying, "Down, down, down. Across, across, across."

To add some finishing touches, we smoothed the edges using water and added our own designs. Check out the photos below.

Science investigation - which surfaces have more friction?


Today in science we learned about friction and completed an investigation to find out which surface had the most friction. We used a ramp, toy car and rulers to measure and learned more about what cars would do where there is more or less friction.

Guess who?

We have made Maya masks this afternoon. As part of a game, try to guess who is behind each mask! We hope that you like them!

Science investigation

As part of our work on 'Animals including Humans', and our work focusing on teeth, we have begun an investigation into how teeth can be effected by different drinks.  All of the class worked incredibly hard to plan a sensible and, most importantly, a fair test realising that they should only change the type of drink and keep all other variables constant.

The pieces of work below are a few examples of many excellent plans which the class wrote. We look forward to finding and recording the results next week.

Perfect pizza!

What a great afternoon we have enjoyed!  After researching and planning a design for our pizzas over past lessons, Birch Class were chomping at the bit to finally make their own pizzas.  We were able to choose from a selection of ingredients and after having kneaded and shaped our dough, we added tomato sauce and our chosen toppings before having some cheese on top.

Mr Gross looks forward to hearing about how they tasted tomorrow! Happy eating everyone!

Pizza at home

It's lovely to see Sophie having had the chance to make pizza at home using the same recipe as we used in school. It looks delicious Sophie, well done. I hope that you and your family enjoyed it!



Now give me some sweets ever so sour,

And cover a frog in a heap of flour.

You need to remember to stir them well,

While you're doing that, add a shell.

So give me a dog's wet tear,

I also need a bumble bee's ear.

I need to cook it, it may take an hour,

While I'm waiting, I'll take a shower.




So give me a slug off a log

And give me a chew toy from a dog


Give me a tortilla from a shop

And give me a frog that can hop


Give me a ripped top

And a sticky lollipop!




So give me a frog from a lake

And give me a piece of mouldy cake


So give me a fat cat from a house

And give me the tooth of a mouse


Give me a tooth from a bear

And a piece of fluff from a teddy bear.


So give me a character from a book

And give me a dozen flies to cook.




El dia de los Muertos

What an interesting and fun afternoon we have had today. We have learned about El dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) which is a festival held in Mexico and other Mexican communities. We hope that you enjoy what the children can tell you about what they have learned, take a look at the photos showing the children making a skull, one example of the paper decorations which are made as part of the festival.