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Book Club

What it's all about...

The purpose of our Book Clubs is to encourage children across the school to read for pleasure.  We feel it is very important for our children to engage with books and to be able to discuss them with their peers.  The Book Club is a friendly place where we enjoy a drink and a snack whilst discussing the story.  


Book Club Books...


We have enjoyed a wide range of books and stories in Book Club.  So far these have included...

  • Don't Wake The Yeti - Claire Freedman

  • Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape - Dermot O'Leary

  • My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord - David Solomons

  • I Need a Wee! - Paul Linnet & Sue Hendra

  • Secrets of a Sun King - Emma Carroll

  • Badly Drawn Beth - Knife & Packer

  • The Squirrels Who Squabbled - Rachel Bright

  • The Parent Agency - David Baddiel

  • Bad Nana - Sophy Henn

  • Phoenix - SF Said

  • My Bunny's Chocolate Factory - Elys Dolan

  • The 1000 Year Old Boy - Ross Welford


Our 'Book Club' books this year...


Our normal Book Clubs are on hold for now because of Covid-19.


HOWEVER, some children have been reading 'The 1000 Year Old Boy' by Ross Welford.


Here is a review by Shannon...

The 1000 year old boy is a fictional story about an 11 year old boy who used a life Pearl to stop him aging. During the book Alfie (the 1000 year old boy) faced a number of different challenges such as a fire which burnt down his house killing his mam and an occasion where he lost his cat, all in his attempts to reclaim the life Pearl. My favourite part was near the end when Alfe got reunited with his cat after overhearing a French woman talking to a girl about a cat the girl had found nearly dead by starvation. This was my favourite part because Alfe was so worried about his cat and what had happened to her and so relieved to be reunited with Biffa the cat. I found the way the author wrote this part of the story to be quite emotional and had a great impact on me. If I was the author of this book I would keep the storyline the same but I would not keep swapping who the person narrating the story as the changing points of view as it kept confusing me on who was talking.


Grace's review...

My review of the 1000 year old boy: It was very intriguing and interesting; my favourite character would probably be Roxy, she may be small, but boy is she bossy! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. As you can expect from teaching me in year 3, I read it in about less than a week it was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LKS2 Book Club

UKS2 Book Club

I really enjoyed Phoenix, it was one of the best books I've read. The best part was when Lucky finally found his dad. The storyline kept me gripped and intrigued the whole way through. I found it very emotional especially when Mystica died because she was my favourite character. It was also sad when apparently Lucky was burning his life away every time he used his power. I liked how the book had twists in it and you couldn't guess what was going to happen. I can't wait to read another book by S F Said.

By Lucie


This was a very good book and adventurous. I liked it that much I stayed up until 11 pm to read it all. I was amazed when lucky was the 12th Astrirus Lucifer because it was a big twist which I like . My favourite bit was they went into the war zone. The funniest bit was when lucky thought that the fake sugary eyes were real.

By Lewis

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