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Book Club

Our Book Clubs have been set up to encourage children across the school to read for pleasure.  We feel it is very important for our children to engage with books and to be able to discuss them with their peers.  The Book Club is a friendly place where we enjoy a drink and a snack whilst discussing the story.  


Book Club Books...


We have enjoyed a wide range of books and stories in Book Club.  So far these have included...

'Don't Wake The Yeti'

'Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape'

'My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord'

'I Need a Wee!'

'Secrets of a Sun King'

'Badly Drawn Beth'

'The Squirrels that Squabbled'

'The Parent Agency'


Here are some children's thoughts about Book Club! 


Evan - 'I enjoyed the book.'

Lauren - 'I will recommend this book because it makes you laugh.'

Freya - 'I really liked this book because there wasn't too much writing.'

Josh - 'I enjoyed it because it was fun!'

Reegan - 'The book was AMAZING!'

Olivia - 'I enjoyed the Book Club and would like to do it again.'

Alex - 'This is the first time I have actually enjoyed and finished a book!  It's amazing!  I really enjoyed the book because it was really funny and I would definitely buy it.'  

Lewis - 'I like Badly Drawn Beth because it's funny.' 

Luke - 'I loved the book.  I'd recommend it to you!!!'

Jude - 'I liked the book.'

Georgie - 'I enjoyed the Book Club reading Badly Drawn Beth, it was very fun reading it.'

Zoe - 'The book is sometimes funny and it is really interesting in a way that is weird.'

Ashley - 'I loved the book.'

Payton - 'I really enjoyed it.'

Why not join Book Club next year?

Reading Survey - KS2


When your teacher tells you to, click on the link below to complete this quick survey about reading.  Please answer each question!