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British Science Week

All over school, classes have been celebrating 'British Science Week'. The theme of this years event was 'Discovery and Exploration'. 


The whole school was engaged in exciting activities which focused on developing pupils curiosity and questioning. They worked hard to discover answers to scientific questions and used their own exploratory skills to record facts and information about the scientific world. 

All pupils were given the opportunity to apply their understanding in a national poster competition.


Each member of each class had to design a poster based on the theme 'Discovery and Exploration'.  The best five entries from across the school will be entered into the national BSA competition for the chance to win some fantastic scientific prizes. As well as this, the best poster from each class will be awarded a small prize within school. So far we have had some incredible entries from across all age categories and there are still more to come! Have a look and see if you can spot a potential winner.

Science Posters 2018