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World Book Day

What an amazing time we had on World Book Day! The children looked fantastic in their costumes, outfits and pyjamas - thank you for all your efforts.

In Cedar Class we looked at books by the author Judith Kerr and in particular 'The Tiger that Came to Tea'. 

We had a great day reading lots of books, making tiger crafts, having a tea party and writing party invitations.


Watch the CBeebies Bedtime Story version of 'The Tiger that Came to Tea' here:

Under the Sea

As part of our 'What's Under the Water' topic, we have been learning about different sea creatures. This week we have looked at fish and octopus and studied their habitat, how they move and learnt all about their anatomies. We were lucky enough to touch and hold a fish and an octopus and even tasted them both. They were delicious! 

Christmas Table Decorations

What an amazing, Christmassy afternoon we had today in Cedar class making our table centrepieces. The children used lots of fine motor skills, creativity and teamwork to design and produce their decorations and I'm sure you'll agree the decorations look fantastic!

Happy Christmas everyone!

A HUGE thank you to Peter Makings, Isla's mum, Jacob's mum, Isabelle's grandma, Nellie's grandma and Lucas's grandma for coming in to support the children with their crafting.

Christmas Party!


Look how much fun we had at our Christmas party today (17.12.19)! We played lots of party games in the hall and then enjoyed some delicious party food! Christmas is definitely here!

Meet Sonic

Meet our new class pet, Sonic, an African Land Snail! We have been learning how to look after him and what to feed him as well as finding out lots of interesting facts about snails.

Did you know? 

  • Snails cannot hear. To find food, they use their sense of smell.
  • Snails leave slime behind them as they travel. The slime protects them as they move.
  • Snails are nocturnal. They are most likely to come out at night or very early in the morning.
  • Snails can live for 15 to 20 years, but that is probably good since it may take them that long to cross the garden!
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Picture 1

Snail Hunt

Today, as it had been raining, we decided to go on a snail hunt! Our hunt was very successful and we collected quite a few snails. We brought them back into the classroom to study how they move. We noticed that as they moved, they left behind a trail of slime. This special slime allows the snails to move along without getting stuck and it also allows them to move along upside down.

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

 In English, we have been reading a book about a slug called Norman who desperately wants to be a snail like all his friends.  We talked about how we are all different and none of us are the same and that it is important to be ourselves and celebrate our differences and who we are!

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