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Coin Collection for Water Aid

Our thought-provoking 'Water Walk' led LKS2 children to realise how lucky they were and they felt compelled to take action to help those children who were less fortunate than themselves.  Following discussions with the Rights Rangers and members of the School Council, they decided to raise some money for Water Aid UK.  They had seen a very powerful video, accompanied by this poem and it moved them to take action.

Water Walk by Martin Kiszko

At one mile I wish my day could start like yours

On a gentle walk to school and later to a shopping mall

A party or a local park

At two miles I contemplate what it’s like at your place

To turn a tap and see the flow of water

For a clean of teeth, a drink, a shower and a wash of clothes

At three miles I think of you

Perhaps you’re in a swimming pool or eating at a restaurant with water bottles on your table

At four miles I ask myself if you ever give an idle thought about my trek through squashy heat

To the spring, the riverbank, a muddy hole

Where I collect the dirty water I must drink

I start the four-mile journey home, a full container on my back

Sometimes I daydream about other children in other countries far away from here

I wonder what the distance is of their daily water walk

Filling a giant tap with spare change. Every child placed some coins on the tap and in total they raised £118.09 which was donated to Water Aid UK.