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We Have Chicks!






We have had a very eggciting week in Cedar Class. On Monday morning we had some chicken eggs delivered. We had to put them in an incubator, to keep them warm and then we had to be patient and watch and wait. Our patience was rewarded yesterday when 3 of the eggs cracked!


This morning, the 3 cracked eggs had hatched over night and once the chicks were able to stand and their feathers were fluffy and dry, we were able to transfer them to their new home that we had prepared the previous day! Even though we were a bit disappointed that we'd missed the hatching, we needn't had worried as at lunchtime, an egg number 3 started to hatch and we were able to watch the whole process! Have a look at the videos below of the hatching.

Now we have 3 eggs left in the incubator to hatch and we are hoping to see them pop out tomorrow.

We now have the difficult dilemma of deciding on names for them all!



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Red Nose Day

We all dressed up as super heroes today for Red Nose day - don't we all look amazing? It was great to see the children acknowledging all the super heroes in our lives. We had a policeman, nurses, a vet and even a mum! How brilliant to raise money for such worthy causes in such a fun way!

World Book Day

What a a wonderful day we have had celebrating World Book Day! The children looked amazing in all their costumes: some children were dressed as words, some as book characters and some as film characters. We spent the whole day enjoying lots of different activities focused on books and most importantly, READING!

We even had a surprise visit from Mr Painter at the end of the day, who brought his favourite book, 'Never Tickle a Tiger' by Pamela Butchart to read to us!

Transport and Journeys

This term, our topic has been 'Transport and Journeys'. We have learnt about several different countries - focussing on location, in relation to England; traditions; customs; cuisine; dress; schools and food. Have a look below at all the fun activities we have been enjoying!


Today, we have had an extremely busy day - we took Flight 555 to Greece! The children all had their boarding cards, passports and luggage and boarded an Airbus 320. We flew Business Class and enjoyed drinks and snacks for the whole flight.

Once we arrived in Greece, we enjoyed a delicious Greek meze in Cedar Taverna and then we flew home just in time for school pick-up.

During our journey, we learnt lots about Greece: the flag, climate, language, cuisine and culture. I think we will all sleep well tonight after our very busy day!


We are extremely fortunate to have Miss Saeed, our Trainee Teacher with us this term, and as her family are from Pakistan, she was happy to tell us all about life in this beautiful Asian country. Miss Saeed very kindly cooked some delicious Asian dishes for us to try and even brought in some traditional Asian costumes for the children to try on. We also listened to some Asian music and learnt a simple dance.


As it was Chinese New Year on Tuesday 1st February, we decided to take a trip to China! We learnt all about the customs the Chinese follow at New Year, we made a Chinese lantern and tried some Chinese food in our very own 'Cedar Gardens' restaurant.

Children In Need

We have had a brilliant day celebrating 'Children in Need' and raising money for a very worthy cause at the same time! Look at all the fun we've had today!

Remembrance Day

Today we have been learning about Remembrance and thinking about all the soldiers who have fought in wars to help keep us safe today. We learnt that the poppy was the first flower to grow on the battlefields after World War 1 had ended.

Look at the lovely BBC animation below we watched to help us understand the importance of Remembrance Day.


Look at some of the poppy activities we have done too!

Harvest Festival

I was very proud of all the Cedar children this morning at the Harvest Festival in church. They sat beautifully and quietly for quite a long time and they performed our poems BRILLIANTLY! Thank you to all the parents that helped with walking the children down to church - your assistance was very much appreciated.

Autumn Treasure Hunt

Today Cedar Class went up onto to the field to hunt for any signs of autumn. It didn't really feel very autumnal as it was very warm and sunny. Nevertheless, we did find that autumn has begun in Awsworth. Look at the treasures we found!

A Delicious Treat for Super Cedars!

Cedar class have had a very brilliant start to the school term and everyone has been extremely impressed with our sensible behaviour, particularly in assembly. As a treat to reward our fantastic start  to school life at Awsworth, we made delicious fruit kebabs. They were so yummy and very healthy too!

Phonics Sound Walk

This afternoon we have been on a sound walk around the playground to see how good our listening skills are. We all listened very carefully and heard lots of different sounds!