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Foundation 2

Meet the Team

Welcome to Cedar Class!

Teddy Bears' Picnic


What a lovely picnic we had this afternoon up on the field. We sat in the cool shade, chatted with our friends and shared our yummy picnic with our teddies!

Sport's Day 2021


What a lovely morning we had in the glorious sunshine - I was so proud of our wonderful children.  They all enjoyed participating in the races and supporting and cheering on their classmates as spectators too.  Well done SUPER CEDARS - you all showed respect, resilience and perserverance!




People Who Help Us


To finish off our topic 'People Who Help Us' we invited Theo's daddy into Cedar Class to tell us all about his very busy job as a barber. He told us all about a typical day at work  and then he showed us all the equipment he uses every day and explained what the equipment was for. He even gave Theo's hair a quick trim so we could see him in action! Thankfully Theo didn't have to pay his daddy for his hair cut as he had forgotten his wallet!


We have had so much fun during the UEFA European Championships! We have learnt where many different countries are in Europe in relation to England; we've learnt lots of different European flags; we've learnt to say 'good morning' in many different European languages and most importantly, we've learnt the importance of  teamwork, courage and resilience.

Well done England - we are all very proud of you all!

We also had a go at singing the England song and using body percussion too!

People Who Help Us


As part of our  'People Who Help Us' topic this term, we have been learning all about our wonderful NHS and all the people that work there, who each have an important role in keeping us all fit, healthy and well.

Cole's mum and Sophie's mum very kindly came into Cedar Class  to tell us all about their jobs and how they help lots of their patients every day. 

Burglar Bill


This morning we had a visit from a very suspicious character - Burglar Bill! He told us all about himself and how he sleeps all day and goes out stealing things at night!

Cedar Class told Burglar Bill that stealing is very wrong and unfair on the people he steals from.  The children told him that if wants things he needs to get a proper job to earn money to buy them. Let's hope he listens to the children's wise words!

You can listen to the story here:


PC Drinkall Visits Cedar Class


PC Drinkall came to visit Cedar Class today on a hunt to arrest Burglar Bill. He asked the children if we could make a 'Wanted' poster and write a detailed description of Burglar Bill to help Nottinghamshire Police catch him. He also told us what happens when the police are trying to catch criminals and how they gather evidence to convict burglars like Burglar Bill.

 A Visit from PC Leask and PCSO Keeley


Today PC Leask and PCSO came to visit Cedar Class to tell us all about the roles as Police Officers and explain all the different items they have to carry with them as part of their uniform. They also showed us how they use stingers to catch criminals like Burglar Bill.

Cedar Class's Caterpillar Life Cycle


We have loved watching our class caterpillars turn into butterflies this month. The children have been fascinated by each stage of the life cycle, observing the caterpillars as they grew, developed cocoons and finally as they emerged into beautiful 'Painted Lady' butterflies. Our releasing ceremony up on the field was a very special moment!



Watch the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle

🎄🎄Christmas Jumper Day🎄🎄


Don’t we look we look amazingly Christmassy in our Christmas finery? We have had a lovely day enjoying lots of fun ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ activities and crafts.
Thank you so much for you donations to this very worthy cause - it is so nice to know we have made a difference to children less fortunate than ourselves at Christmas time!❤️❤️





This term, we have been reading lots of the books in the Funnybones series. We have enjoyed learning some of the phrases in the stories, creating story maps, acting out the story and re-telling the events with our small world resources. We have used our phonics to label a skeleton, as you can see below! We have found the human skeleton fascinating  and learnt lots of the names for our bones. 

Bonfire Night

It's been a very busy term so far, but we haven't been too busy to learn how to keep safe on bonfire night. The children have learnt all the rules to keep super safe on 5th November. Look at the sparklers we made all by ourselves with breadsticks, melted chocolate and hundreds and thousands - they were delicious!

Look at our amazing firework pictures too!