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Foundation 2

Meet the Team

Meet the Team 1 Ash Class - Mr Taylor by Darcie W, age 4
Meet the Team 2 Cedar Class - MIss Swinburne by Izabella D, age 6
Meet the Team 3 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Cooper by Mollie P, age 4

Welcome to Ash and Cedar!


Our Vision:

In our Foundation units everyone is a learner and everyone is committed to supporting learning in all its forms. It is a welcoming, safe environment where all contributions and roles are recognised, welcomed and valued and where all achievements are celebrated. Our children are encouraged to be independent learners who are engaged and challenged by our curriculum. We know that everyone is talented and believe it is our role to find out how – through exciting and engaging learning opportunities and high-quality teaching experiences.


Please visit this page to see all of the amazing things that we have been learning and will be exploring in the future. The class pages for Ash and Cedar have specific information for each class and these are the themes that we will be exploring this year:



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Theme for each half term



On-going theme = Let’s Celebrate!

Let’s Talk About Me

Let’s Imagine

Child-led theme

(Let’s See What Happens)

Let’s Explore

Let’s Create

Let’s Go


The Literacy Early Learning Goal (ELG) will be covered through the following texts:

A variety of Mr Men and Little Miss books

Elves and The Shoemaker

Jack and the Beanstalk

Hansel and Gretel

The Tooth Fairy

The First Christmas

Books relating to the theme (or themes) chosen by the children.

A New Home for a Pirate

George Saves the World by Lunchtime

Rosie’s Walk

The Train Ride

Fix It Duck

The Rainbow Fish

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Day the Crayons Quit

Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car

Duck in the Truck

The Train Ride

Oi! Get off my Train

Finding Nemo

Rainbow Fish

The Magic Bed





Children are taught mathematics through direct teaching and during continuous provision. The aspects covered will be those included in the ‘Numbers’ and ‘Shape, Space and Measures’ Early Learning Goals. See Learning for Life plan for more details.


Communication and Language



Managing our feelings and behaviour

Speaking about stories

Circle Time

Verbalising sentences

Speaking about our likes and dislikes

Creating our own stories and adventures


Physical Development



Focus on gross motor skills

Focus on fine motor skills

Letter and number formation

Pencil and scissor control

Moving in different ways

Writing sentences and talking about healthy lifestyles

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Understanding our feelings

Discussing our behaviour

Discussing our interests

Expressing our opinions

Solving problems

Discussing how our actions affect others


Understanding the World


Talking about our family

What are our like and dislikes

Are we all the same?

How things change

How are things different

How we use technology


Expressive Arts and Design



Learning using songs

Making models and inventions

Using different colours

Using role-play and stories

Designing and building

Making music and using instruments



Maths and Phonics games:

In the Autumn term we will be learning...

In the Spring term we will be learning...

In Ash and Cedar...

In Ash and Cedar... 1 We like to share and take turns!
In Ash and Cedar... 2 We like to be healthy!
In Ash and Cedar... 3 We like to work together to learn!
In Ash and Cedar... 4 We like to design and make things!
In Ash and Cedar... 5 We like to write and practise how to form letters!
In Ash and Cedar... 6 We like to count and solve problems!

Our Harvest Festival Nursery Rhyme - Jack Sprat

We will be singing this nursery rhyme at our harvest festival.

Our Harvest Festival Nursery Rhyme - Old Mother Hubbard

We will be singing the first verse of this nursery rhyme at our harvest festival.