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Fun Challenges!

Can you work out what these are..?

The first one is done for you!  Some are a bit tricky...answers on a postcard (or just via Purple Mash!) -


  1.  26 L of the A = 26 letters of the alphabet
  2.  7 D of the W =
  3.  60 M in an H =
  4.  3 S on a T =
  5.  6 C in KS2 =
  6.  366 D in a L Y =
  7.  5 V in the A =
  8.  90 D in a R A =
  9.  24 H in a D
  10.  12 S of the Z =
  11.  100 Y in a C =
  12.  1 W on a U =

I’ve been adding eyes to some things around my house...can you do the same? Send in your photos! (My kitchen roll looks like it’s plotting to take over the world!! 😂)

Biscuit Challenge...yummy!!

Book Emoji Challenge!! The emojis are clues to the title of the story...

Another challenge!!!

Still image for this video
Can you guess what these photos are of? Either send in a photo of you with your entries or send me an email through Purple Mash.
Get your thinking caps on!

Word Challenge...😀 How many words can you make from ‘HOME LEARNING’ - I’ve done a few to get you started 🤩

Can you use an everyday object and turn it into a picture?? Here are two that I did...obviously take care with scissors!! ✂️

A to Z Challenge

Still image for this video