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Week 3


Week 2

Thankfully, the sun always shines on the Awsworth gardeners!

This afternoon, we continued with our weeding in the raised beds and planted carrots and beetroot! Well done gardeners - another productive session!


A HUGE thank you to Pete (Annabel's grandad) and Tracy (Ameila's mummy) who are  lending a hand (and offering lots of gardening advice!) every Wednesday.

Look at the amazing signs Pete has made for our flower beds!


Week 1

Well what a good start to our gardening! The sun was shining so we headed outside to start weeding the beds. The children did so well at clearing a whole bed, we were able to plant some potatoes! Well done gardeners - a great afternoon’s work 🌱😁

Spring Bulb Planting

All the Year 1 children spent a lovely afternoon planting bulbs all around the school. The children learnt how to dig the correct size hole, how to plant the bulb the right way up so the roots grow down into the ground and how to cover the bulb up with soil.

We are all waiting for warmer spring days so we can appreciate all our hard work when the bulbs grow and flower!

A BIG thank you to Pete and Gail (Annabel's grandparents) for all their help and expert advice with the planting!