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Striving to Achieve Our BEST!

Home-School Agreement

Our Home / School Agreement


At Awsworth Primary & Nursery School we are committed to ensuring that our pupils Strive to Achieve their BEST by valuing, nurturing and embedding the key principles of Belief, Effort, Success and Teamwork. We recognise each child as an individual, and aim to give all children every opportunity to realise their full potential. We believe that a close partnership between the school, parents and the child is essential if we are to achieve this aim. We therefore ask all parents and children to sign up to our Home / School Agreement.


The School will:


· Provide a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment in which to work.

· Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which challenges your child to reach their potential and fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum.

· Encourage your child to show friendship and respect for others and to abide by the school behaviour policy, ensuring a safe, caring environment for all.

· Keep you informed about your child’s progress and behaviour, as well as their termly curriculum.

· Set regular and appropriate homework for your child.

· Make you feel welcome whenever you visit the school and respond to your questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

· Allow children safe and secure use of the Internet through a combination of site filtering, supervision and by fostering a responsible attitude in all pupils, in partnership with parents.



Parents will:


· Having chosen Awsworth Primary & Nursery School for your child, accept the school’s aims and values, positively supporting the school.

· Respect each member of the school community.

· Ensure that your child attends school punctually, every day during term time, unless there is a good reason for absence (e.g. illness).

· Notify the school early on the first day of the reason for your child’s absence.

· Support the school’s policies and guidelines on learning, behaviour and uniform, both in School and at home.

· Attend parent/teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress.

· Listen to and respect the school’s views and concerns

· Support your child with homework that is set, including reading.

· Keep us informed of where to contact you in case of emergency.

· Promptly inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect your child’s learning, behaviour or happiness at school.

· Support school in the teaching of safe and secure Internet use at home.


D. Pupils will:


· Strive to Achieve their BEST by valuing Belief, Effort, Success and Teamwork.

· Do all classwork and homework as well as they can, asking questions when they don’t understand.

· Follow the three, simple school rules for behaviour by being Ready, Respectful and Safe in their approach towards themselves, others, the school and its surroundings.

· Wear the correct school uniform.

· Use the Internet safely as they have been taught in class.