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Larch Class

Larch spent time marking each other's persuasive writing, which included giving each other quality feedback about how they could improve their work. This peer assessment resulted in better quality writing and they all displayed excellent teamwork, communication and respect throughout.

The children investigated friction by designing and testing a new break pad for bikes and scooters, using different materials.

Larch made a variety of parachutes to test air resistance in our forces science topic. They had to make sure that they planned and conducted a fair test.

Larch took part in a freeze-framing drama activity for our 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Shakespeare English topic

Christmas Jumper Day!

29 Song Prancer Pays A Visit.mp3

35 Song Christmas All Over The .mp3

02 Song Were Having Fun At Chr.mp3

Writing from Larch Class - haven't they done incredibly well!

Electricity science experiments including torch making and lighting LEDs with lemons!

Home learning!

Welcome to Larch Class!

Smoothie making in Design and Technology!

Larch investigated reflection in our 'light' science topic and created periscopes

Larch created some absolutely INCREDIBLE board games for their Autumn homework project!

Victorian street child Jim Jarvis was interviewed about his life. Based on 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty.