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Letter Formation

In Cedar Class, we focus on correct letter formation during our phonics lessons. Correct letter formation is important in order to prevent bad habits, which are then often difficult to eradicate later on. We teach the children to hold their pencils using the  'nip, grip and flip' method. 


Throughout our classroom provision, we have lots of fine motor activities that encourage the development of strength and control in the children's hands and fingers, as well as their hand eye coordination, all of which are essential to learning to write.

Activities you can try at home to help build co-ordination, strength and control are:

  • painting and drawing
  • threading beads or pasta

  • pouring liquids and spooning flour

  • cutting and sticking pictures from magazines
  • dot to dots


Have a look at this video about correct pencil grip:


Correct Letter Formation

Practising Our Letter Formation