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Lettings Policy


Lettings Policy

This policy outlines the rules governing the letting of School premises to outside groups and organisations.


The Governing Body is not legally allowed to subsidise non-school activities out of school budgets.  School lettings must, therefore, be self-financing.


  • This policy and schedule of charges will be reviewed annually.        
  • The schedule of charges will apply only to uniformed organisations; clubs associated with school aged pupils and locally based groups on the approval of the Head Teacher.        
  • Occasional users or people outside the Awsworth community will be subject to a 20% surcharge.
  • All lettings will be at the discretion of the Head Teacher.     
  • If caretaker costs are not incurred these will not be charged at the discretion of the Head Teacher.           
  • If the School is let during the normal school day no charges need to be levied - this will be at the discretion of the Head Teacher.        
  • Any disputes will be resolved by the Governing Body.
  • Use of the school field by unformed organisations and the ABC Sports Association will incur no charge providing no Caretaking costs are incurred.  This is at the discretion of the Head Teacher and will be reviewed annually.     
  • At Awsworth Primary & Nursery School we recognise that equality of opportunity affects all aspects of school and out-of-school life.  We welcome the use of our School facilities by all community groups regardless of colour, culture, origin, gender, ability, circumstances or disability.  In order to make our building as accessible as possible we have ramps which enable wheelchair users to have easy access to the building and handrails to assist children or adults with physical disabilities.
  • The hirer must not use, permit or allow rooms / site to be used for any extremist or terrorist activities or for the dissemination of extremist views or materials.




Awsworth Primary & Nursery School


Schedule of Charges for Lettings – 2019/2020 Academic Year


Letting of school hall


Energy Costs + Caretaking Costs


Energy costs (from September 2019)


                  School budget (£18,000)

_________________________________________  =    hourly energy rate (£8.59 per hour)


                         2096  hours


2096 is the estimated number of hours the school is in use per year.


Caretaking costs (from September 2019)


Currently these are £12.90 per hour.

Letting of the School Field (at any time)


Maintenance costs + Caretaking Costs


Maintenance costs


Hourly cost of maintaining the playing field divided by the estimated hours used by the schools.


              School grounds maintenance budget (£2,660)

____________________________________________________________ = £4.43 per hour


600 (= 3 hours use per day x 5 (days per week) x 40 (weeks per year))


Caretaking costs (from September 2019)


Currently these are fixed at £12.90.


Cost of hiring the school hall is therefore fixed at £21.49 per hour.


Cost of hiring the school field is therefore fixed at £17.33 per hour with caretaking costs or £4.43 with no caretaker requirements.