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Number Bonds to Twenty

This week we have been looking at two numbers that can be added together to make 20. We have been singing along to this catchy song to help us remember the number pairs that equal 20.

Counting in Multiples of 2 and 5

This term, we have been focussing on counting in 2s and 5s. We have been using lots of different strategies to help us. We have especially loved singing along to these songs too!

Number Bonds to 5 and 10

This week ( 1.10.18) we have been looking at number bonds to 5 and 10 (two numbers added together that total 5 or 10). We have been singing along to these fun songs to help us with our learning.


This week (17.9.18) we have been learning to count to and across 100, forwards and backwards beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number. We have LOVED singing along to this song to help us learn!