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What is Phonics?


Words are made up of small units of sounds called phonemes. Phonics teaches children to be able to hear and recognise the phonemes that make up each word.


First they identify the phonemes in a word and then blend them together to read it. For example, in the word ‘cat’ we can hear each sound c-a-t and we blend them to read cat.


In F2 we use Letterland Phonics in our Phonics lessons. Please see the videos and documents below for information on how you can help with phonics at home.

Phase 2 Phonics

These are the sounds the children will learn in Phase 2

This video will help you to correctly pronounce the 44 sounds that your child will learn in Phase 2 of their phonics learning in Cedar Class.

Meet the Letter Land Characters

Helping your Child to Read

Tricky Words

What are tricky words? Tricky words are commonly used words which cannot be sounded out easily - we just have to learn them! In F2 we learn tricky words in a variety of ways: in our daily phonics lessons, in songs, in scavenger hunts, in games and with flash cards in our plastic wallets.

Below are the Phase 2 Tricky words we will be learning during Autumn 2.



This is the Tricky Word song we love listening to in order to help us remember how to read and write those tricky words!