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What is Phonics?


Words are made up of small units of sounds called phonemes. Phonics teaches children to be able to hear and recognise the phonemes that make up each word.


First they identify the phonemes in a word and then blend them together to read it. For example in the word cat we can hear each sound c-a-t and we blend them to read cat.


Phonics Screening


At the end of Year 1 pupils will undergo their phonics screening test which consists of 40 words that will be a mixture of real and nonsense words. Pupils are expected to achieve a certain mark which is set by the government each year. Any pupil who does not meet this expected standard will re-take the screening in Year 2.


How can I help?


The best way to practise phonics is little and often.

On this website you can find out what your child has been learning as well as useful websites and information that you can use at home.