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Publishing Pupils Work

Publishing pupils’ work


We may wish to celebrate the achievements of pupils and promote the School through publishing of pupils' work.  When this is the case we will seek the consent of the parent/carer.  As we are relying on your consent you can withdraw consent at any time by contacting the school.  Every effort will be made to delete the images, but please note that where consent has been provided for the publication of images, the school may not be able to locate and delete the image on request, although reasonable steps will be taken to do so.


Where consent has been provided for the use of images, and the pupil has left the school, we will rely on legitimate interests as our legal basis when retaining digital images for archiving purposes.


The personal information likely to be used in this activity is:

  • Student Name
  • School Year
  • Class name
  • Digital images  or personally identifying data in other formats


The school is the Data Controller for this information.  The information might be shared with:

  • Social Media applications
  • School website providers


No school work is routinely available outside of the UK.  However, where digital images are used on social media, in publications, or on our website we cannot restrict the access to such images to the UK.


For information about your rights in relation to this use of your personal information please see section 5 of our overarching privacy notice.