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As a school we take all our safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously. We recognise that young people can be vulnerable in a number of ways and that the dangers in the online world are as much a threat as those in the real world. We have ensured that our staff understand what makes some children and adults more vulnerable to certain risk factors; how to recognise the signs of somebody at risk; and what to do if they have a cause for concern.


We want to work with the whole school community to ensure all our stakeholders understand our wider safeguarding responsibilities and work in partnership with us to keep our pupils safe.


If you have a concern or a member of staff has a concern it can be reported confidentially to any of the designated people. All staff have a valid DBS certificate and are recorded in our Single Central Register, which is kept in the office.  Parent helpers all have a valid DBS certificate.


Should a child disclose anything that causes you to have a concern about their welfare please report it immediately to the teacher or designated person. Do not engage the child in discussion on this issue yourself.


The School Policy for Safeguarding is updated on an annual basis and approved by the School Trust & Governing Body. The aim of our Safeguarding policy is to outline our safeguarding procedures and share how we promote our pupils' welfare, safety and health.  You can download the safeguarding policy from the policies section of the website.


  • All staff receive regular training around safeguarding from the local authority.
  • Designated persons receive updates to training every 2 years.
  • An Annual Safeguarding Audit is carried out by the Governors.


Further information from the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership can be found here.

Safeguarding Team at Awsworth

Awsworth Primary School - Safeguarding Policy 2022 update!