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School Council

Our School Council is a really important opportunity for the adults in school to listen to what the children think.  It is a place where ideas are discussed and decisions are made which can affect everybody in school.  The opportunity to have a place for our 'pupil voice' to be expressed is something that we believe is really important, as it means the children in school can have a key role in helping to influence what we do and how we do it.  Every school councillor is elected by their classmates at the beginning of the academic year.  School councillors have to show that they are willing to listen to their classmates, willing to share their comments, opinions and ideas at school council meetings, willing to help make decisions and willing to get involved out in school council-led activities when required.


The School Council gets involved in lots of activities which most recently have included: helping to raise money for charity, it organised a 'book swap' event for the whole school in March 2020, it organises the 'Awsworth's Got Talent' event every two years and it even gets involved with selecting the menus for the school dinners and interviewing new members of staff!  We usually meet every two weeks with Mr Baxter who helps to run our meetings.  Each classroom has a suggestion box where anyone can share their ideas - these are then brought to meetings where the suggestions are shared, discussed and where appropriate a vote may be taken.  School Councillors are easy to spot: they will be wearing a red 'school councillor' badge. 


If you are not in Y6 and you would like to do something really important to help your classmates and help the school, put yourself forward as a class school councillor in September!! smiley

Your School Council 2021-2022