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Water Walk 2021

As part of our works based on Children's Rights, we have been learning about Article 24 which states that all children should have access to good food, healthcare and clean water.  We have learned that unfortunately, around the world, this is not the case and the children have shown great understanding, compassion for and an eagerness to support these children where we can.

On Friday, during a break in the heavy rain, the children took part in their 'Water Walk'; this was an event to simulate the great lengths that some children around the world have to go to on a daily basis for themselves and their families to survive. You will see from the photographs below that children found the task difficult but enjoyable and despite a few spillages, many of the children were able to keep their water safe and inside their bucket. Many of the children were able to complete the target of a mile that we set for them and some children managed to walk even further! Well done everyone for your effort!