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Welcome to Awsworth Primary & Nursery School.


Hello and welcome to our school’s website.  We’re pleased that you’ve joined us and hope that you enjoy sharing some time with us. Awsworth Primary & Nursery School began as a new school in September 2002, when the former Infant and Junior Schools were amalgamated to form a single school.  In June 2018 we then became an Academy, joining the East Midlands Education Trust (EMET) together with six other primary schools in the local area: Gilthill Primary, Hollywell Primary, Kimberley Primary & Nursery, Larkfields Infants, Mornington Primary and Street Lane Primary in Denby, Derbyshire.  The Kimberley School is also a member of EMET.  Details about EMET can be found on our Contact Details page.

In the photographs, writing and drawings on our website you will see our pupils and staff hard at work and play, just like the busy bees we have adopted as our school logo.  Working and playing is something we do well at Awsworth where we encourage all our pupils to achieve their full potential.