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Who's Who

THE STAFF IN 2019-2020

Please visit the photo board displayed in the reception area to find out what we look like.


Mrs Jane Mainprize          Head Teacher

Miss Lis Swinburne          Cedar – Foundation 2 Teacher

Mr Gareth Taylor              Elm - Y1 / Y2 Teacher / Foundation and KS1 Leader

Mrs Angela Standall         Maple – Y1 / Y2 Teacher & SENCo

Mrs Linda Stokes             Willow – Y1 / Y2 Teacher

Miss Sam Froggatt           Hazel – Y3 / Y4 Teacher

Mrs Jo Reeves                 Oak – Y3 / Y4 Teacher

Mr Adam Gross                Birch – Y3 / Y4 Teacher

Mr Craig Ashton               Larch - Y5 / Y6 Teacher 

Mrs Claire Watson           Sycamore – Y5 / Y6 Teacher & KS2 Leader

Dr Ian Baxter                    Pine – Y5 / Y6 Teacher & Deputy Head Teacher


Permanent Teaching Assistants

Mrs Marie Lomas                               Mrs Kathryn Rowland                     Miss Rio Millington

Mrs Donna Lees                                Mrs Jacky Stone                             Miss Joanna Cook

Mrs Debbie Offler                              Mrs Tracey Balmforth                      Mrs Marie Stevenson

Mrs Jacqui Cooper                            Mrs Martina Hutchinson                  Mrs Jane Roberts 

Mrs Dawn Parish


Other Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rebecca Perry                           Mrs Susan Booth                            Mrs Margaret Robinson

Miss Vienna Jenkins                         Miss Maddie Powers                      Mrs Lyndsey Wenden

Mrs Marie Moore



Office Staff

Ms Charlotte Moore     (Office Manager)

Mrs Michaela Riordan   (Clerical Assistant)

Ms Kerry Hallam          (Clerical Assistant)


Attendance Officer

Mrs Nicole Clarke            

Cleaning Staff                                               Kitchen Staff:

Mr Chris Koziello (Site Manager)                  Mrs Diane Walls  (Cook Supervisor)                                     

                                                                       Mrs Lesley Smith

                                                                       Miss Laurissa Horton

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Margaret Robinson


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Tracey Balmforth                    Mrs Helen Bates                              Miss Leanne Rudd              Miss Shelley Cooper

Mrs Jacqui Cooper                        Mrs Rebecca Perry                          Mrs Roxanne Ironmonger

Mrs Louise Bowdler                      Mrs Lyndsey Wenden                       Mrs Carly Matthews

Mrs Michaela Riordan                   Mrs Alison Hendry                            Miss Kirsty Moss