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Striving to Achieve Our BEST!

Willow Class

Look at the children in Willow class enjoying a PE session. They worked really hard together, practising their throwing and catching skills with beanbags. Our focus is on accuracy and working together as a team, which they demonstrated beautifully. 

We also had fun painting using the colour palettes. The children were extremely organised and gathered their own equipment before starting, then tidied away brilliantly! Some of our artwork is now proudly displayed in the classroom. 

Meet Willow 2020/2021!

A big ‘Welcome’ to the Year Two children who have returned to school this week. We enjoyed English and maths, then had fun colour mixing in art and building models with Lego. We also had a Zoom meeting with our link school in India, when we chatted to some children who were home schooling. 
We looked at a video fact file of octopuses and greeted a file of our own. We then made our own octopus with curly tentacles!


The year two children had such a great time during their last two days in Willow class! We played hockey, had a go at skipping and hoola-hooping, then had a penalty shootout on the field. Mrs Stokes was not the best goalie, so the experts took over! We also had a disco with children choosing their favourite tracks like theme tunes from movies, Miley Cyrus, Little Mix and ACDC! Finally we ended with a picnic on the grass after chatting with our friends from Elm and Maple classes- at a distance. 


Well done, year two's, you deserve a summer break!

Four pupils from year one returned to school today and showed their awareness of social distancing and keeping our hands clean, while having fun! They all enjoyed working on addition and subtraction in maths, had a go at colour mixing for our ‘Fabulous Forest’ pictures in art and had a lovely time playing together in the playground. They also made these amazing Lego models. 

Five extra year one children joined the Willow pod, taking numbers to nine! We have had fun with The Hungry Caterpillar story in English and ordered days of the week in maths. We created some Fabulous Forest pictures using materials too.  

Carrying on with our Hungry Caterpillar theme, year one children have rewritten the story with different foods. Look at the amazing selection of delicious foods that they have drawn. Yum!


Our last couple of days in Willow class was such fun! We watched Nut Job together, had a picnic outside with Elmand Maple class then had a class disco. We danced to songs from Ninjago, Tik Tok and The Greatest Showman!



Awsworth Primary School is really proud of Willow Class.  These photographs illustrate the amazing Belief, Effort, Success and Teamwork of all pupils during their homeschooling. Take a look at the fantastic efforts in art, PE, Design and Technology, caring for the environment, as well as English and maths! You all look like you are having fun! Stay safe. 

World Book Day -5th March 2020.

Design Technology in Willow class.

Willow class have been creating ‘rubbish music’. They had great fun making instruments they had designed from recycled junk!  

Sycamore and Willow classes enjoying a Buddy session this morning. They made 'Mood Monsters'.

Willow class have been studying art by Peter Thorpe with Miss Cook on a Thursday afternoon. They have been critiquing his work, looking at the techniques used and creating their own pieces of art. Things got a little messing with the ‘paint flicking’ but great fun was had by all!

Peter Thorpe Art

A relaxing yoga session during PE- we are loving rainy days!

Willow class are such good friends! What better way to spend a wet, Friday afternoon together!

Pirates of Willow!

Willow class have been finding out about Pirates over the last few weeks. Our geography lessons have involved creating our own maps, complete with title, key and compass. During a spontaneous art session, we produced this amazing ‘class map’ which we are all very proud of. Well done, me hearties!