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Striving to Achieve Our BEST!

Willow Class

We enjoyed having a go at batting, fielding and working as a team!

Look at Willow’s gymnastic team, they have worked really hard over the last 6 weeks. Watch their choice of roll, balance and jump linked with a slide and spin. Such poise! 


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Amazing Gymnasts!

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This term year 2 children have been solving equations using 2-digit numbers. They have been comparing amounts and investigating addition and subtraction facts. 

Class Yoga Session.

As Friday was extremely cold and windy, Willow class enjoyed an indoor, relaxing yoga session for PE. As you can see, they are very flexible!

Guided Reading.

Children in Willow Class take part in teacher led, group reading sessions every week (guided reading). We look through the text together, using our phonic knowledge to support our decoding and blending. The children love to use the ‘Whisper Phones’ to hear their voices clearly and listen to the sounds each word makes, then listen to how the whole sentence sounds. We couldn’t resist adding props to our pirate story. 

Please send organisers to school each day so we can record reading sessions and let you know how your child is doing. 

Reading at home together is extremely important to your child’s development and can be great fun!

PE in Willow Class is always fun! Look at them balancing a beanbag on their heads, thinking about posture and movement. They also had a game of ‘Sticky Glue’, making sure they kept their heads up while dodging each other and the pots of glue!

Meet Willow Class 2021-2022.

Take 2!

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Believe In Yourself!

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Members of Willow Class demonstrating their rhythmic skills and super dance moves. Our entry to The Great Big Dance Off 2021.

Music: Roar by Katie Perry, I’m Still Standing by Elton John and Believer by Imagine Dragons. Chosen by the children themselves.

We are strong, we are fighters, we believe in ourselves and we love to dance!

We think they are amazing!

(Some members of Willow Class chose to opt out of the dance and were part of the production team instead).

Coding in Computing.

This term we have been discovering how to code using the laptops. Through 2code on Purple Mash, children have built one and two-step instructions to create a simple program. They have had a go at designing backgrounds, added characters using design modes and written programs to enable them to move around the screen. Children have explored how to change actions on the screen using swipe, click and collide instructions. They are also exploring adding sound and how to make objects interact. Sounds complicated, but it’s great fun!

Travelling the World with Barnaby Bear- and tasting traditional foods.

Children in Willow Class have prepared their passports for a journey with Barnaby. They started in Chester, England where Barnaby lives and tasted cheddar cheese. Next we travelled to France and sampled different flavoured crepes. After that we returned to the UK and tried shortbread in Scotland- Nessie made an appearance too! While we were there, we designed our own tartan. Then we flew all the way to India and tasted juicy mango at the Taj Mahal. Where to next?

Willow Class enjoying a spring walk.

We have used our senses to discover signs of springtime in the school grounds. The children took photographs and sketched their findings. We discussed the seasonal changes from winter to spring. It was a very pleasant afternoon!

Christmas jumper day 2020

Children in Willow class have had fun making this Christmas ‘hand’ tree with Mrs Taylor- one of our trainees in KS1. I’m sure you’ll agree, they look angelic in their super jumpers!
Willow class have  been investigating, predicting, testing, recording and concluding as scientists this term. They have used their senses when discovering plants, made a rain catcher and delved into the properties of objects and their materials. Who will be the next Scientist of the Week?

Look at the children in Willow class enjoying a PE session. They worked really hard together, practising their throwing and catching skills with beanbags. Our focus is on accuracy and working together as a team, which they demonstrated beautifully. 
We then moved onto learning important skills in basketball- such as dribbling and catching.

We also had fun painting using the colour palettes. The children were extremely organised and gathered their own equipment before starting, then tidied away brilliantly! Some of our artwork is now proudly displayed in the classroom. 

Meet Willow 2020/2021!

These photographs show the evolution of Willow Class this year. We began Willow Class in September with 25 children- Connor left to attend a new school nearer to his home. We gained Isaac just after Christmas and then Harvey late March after lockdown. Our friends, Freya and Tiwayne moved to their new schools at Easter. We then welcomed Sophia L into Willow Class in the Summer term.

We miss those who have moved on, but gained three new members making Willow Class amazing!