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Word of the Day Submissions!

Week Ending 22nd May 2020...


Affection - It is nice to show affection for the people you care about.

Devoted - I am devoted to Nottingham Forest.

Elegant - Ballet dancers have to be very elegant.

Cynical - Some people are cynical about politicians.

Frivolous - I sometimes spend my money on frivolous purchases.







Not once had she declared any affection.


On his return to his mative city he devoted himself to mathematical research.


I went to a ballet show and the dancers were very elegant.


you don't have a cynical bone in your body.


Less frivolous than someone I know.



My puppy has showed a lot of affection to me and is devoted to me. I like the  way my puppy runs it is very elegant. My puppy looked at me in a cynical way so he could get a biscuit I’m just frivolous he wanted one of those dogs ice-cream.



1. I show affection to friends and family.

2. No one could deny that Jeff was a devoted husband and father .

3. Evie went to the ball - she looked elegant.

4. Sometimes my dad is cynical. 

5. Rich people are frivolous.


Week Ending 15th May 2020...


1. It is essential to wash your hands after going out side.

2. When I am at the park I am very imperuous.

3. Instead of going to school I work form home.

4. Layla Wakes up in a daze.

5. I wanted hot dogs,chicken nuggets will suffice.



1. An essential element is heat as without it we will be cold in the winter.

2. Everyone in the world does at least one thing impetuous in their lives, even though we are all different.

3. Instead of going home, the sneaky cat went to the pet shop to save his caged and starved brethren.

4. Bob started to fall into a daze as the humungus boulder sped toward him.

5. Everyone was acting crazy so Rhys demanded peace, " that will suffice!" 




You can only buy essential items from the shop.


In the past, impetuous young men would drop out of college and run off and join the army.


sometimes, when we go on holiday we use a caravan instead of a hotel.


She wandered round in a daze, not knowing what to do.


Any room in this house might suffice.



I went to the supermarket with my mum, we was only allowed to buy essentials but Harvey wanted his favourite snack of Doritos. The shop was very busy and all in a daze we forgot to buy teabags. When we got back home my mum said we will have to suffice with what we have left. In a quick impetuous movement I ran to our caravan which is parked on the drive, remembering that we have teabags in there from our last summer Holiday. Instead of drinking just hot milk we can have tea again. 



11 May essential

Food and water are essential. 

12 May Impetuous 

A cheetah is impetuous.

13 May instead

Instead of going to the park we are going to the zoo.

14 May Daze 

The news left us in a daze.

15 May suffice

Do we have a suffice amount of materials to build the house?




It is absolutely essential that I do all of my work.

I don't want to be impetuous while doing my work!

I will do my maths instead.

She sat in a daze; fulfilled with content.

A quick job will be suffice.



Essential - You should only buy essential items from the shop during lockdown.

Impetuous - I have made some impetuous decisions.

Instead - I was going to play football but instead I played basketball. 

Daze - When you bang your head you are in a daze. 

Suffice - A smile will always suffice to make someone’s day. 




Week Ending 8th May...



Scientist speculate that the volcano will erupt.

The planes manoeuvre through the clouds.

The homeless man managed to scrounge a free meal.

A sphere is spherical.



I speculated on how much sand there is in a five minute timer.

You skilfully manoeuvre when you do Parkour.

I scrounged a new iPad off my parents because the old one wasn't working.

Spherical objects have no corners and have one face.



My football is spherical.


It's impossible to speculate the lottery results. 


I manoeuvre my ball in the goal.


I like to scrounge money from my mum.




We bought a new family summerhouse that was a spherical shape, we didn't have to scrounge for it, we did speculate that it would be easy to manoeuvre however it was very hard but it is amazing now. 



1.The police sometimes speculate what has happened.

2. My dad had to manoeuvre in to an extremely tight space.

3. The rats scrounge round the dirty, smelly bins.

4.My brand new ball is spherical.



Speculate - I could only speculate that Forest would win the league 

Manoeuvre - The tractor had to manoeuvre the hay bales.

Scrounge - I managed to scrounge enough money to buy me and my brothers a chocolate bar.

Spherical - My new football was spherical. 




It is idle to speculate on the habits of this earliest known birds.


When me and my family go on holiday in the caravan we have to manoeuvre it onto a pitch.


She's always on the scrounge.


The Sun and Earth are spherical.



Speculate-We can only speculate about schools reopening 

Manoeuvre-Cars manoeuvre when they are stuck

Scrounge-Racoons scrounge for food in bins 

Spherical-Circles are spherical 



When I was scrounging around looking in a thorn bush searching for my whistling throwing ball .I saw a spherical object heading towards me,I did a quick manoeuvre I dodged it and speculate where it was going or what it was.  It was my friend Charley wanting to play football.




Week Ending 1/5/20


John was startled by the vibration of the generator, but little did he know that a deformed monster was behind him.

The curious cat came to the bed and woke up the sleepy man who was wet from the cat's fur (based on this morning).

The curious cat's twin cruel cat started attacking curious cat! (yes, this is now a series).

Suddenly, serene Sirus told them to stop at once as the real show has begun! (BEST CLIFFHANGER EVER!!!) 




when you go across the yellow lines on the road when your in the car it feels like you vibrate.


I was curious when I saw a bird perched on a tree.


When I went to the Zoo I saw a gorilla being cruel to another gorilla.


I sailed across a serene sea it was very calmful.


One day I woke up with a stutter 



1. My phone does vibrate when I text people.

2. I’m curious about what’s in the box.

3. The fisherman who caught the dolphin is cruel.

4. I’m not serene .

5. Did I stutter.



Monday - vibrate - When I am being silly I can make my eyes vibrate.

Tuesday - curious - When my cat was a kitten she was curious about the toilet and she fell in. 

Wednesday - cruel - The corona virus is a very cruel disease.

Thursday - serene - On my daily walks I have noticed that the wildlife is very serene.

Friday - stutter - When I was l-l-l-l-little I had a s-s-s-stutter.



my toothbrush vibrates


you should not be cruel to animals.


The car stutters when my mum misses a gear.

when I see a bird I am curious what type it is.

when I am asleep I am serene.





Two days ago my phone vibrated, which made me jump! As I didn’t recall my phone being on vibrate.

It was a message from Mr. Baxter saying, we could go back to school soon because Covid- 19 wasn’t such a threat to children after all . My Mum looked pleased. I don’t think she liked being a teacher much.


Not so long ago, I was walking down near a lake and I saw something in the distance. I was curious and wondered, what could that be? Then I saw it. A great. Big. Crocodile! And it was swimming towards me!

I ran and ran as it chased me through the grass even harder so, I was forced to jump straight onto a tree. The crocodile stopped at the bottom of the tree, his eyes looked angrily at me, eventually he gave up and then turned and left without his lunch. Thank goodness what a crazy day!


One fine day, I was preparing some sandwiches from my lunch box and then out of nowhere two bullies came up to me and demanded that I make them some sandwiches. I said NO so the cruel bullies took my lunch and threw it out the window.


I walked into the living room to find my mum doing yoga. She was meditating with her candles. She looked very serene and like she was going to fall asleep.

So, to help her out I put my music on full blast as it was only the middle of the day. The serenity was now broken according to mum. Whoops.


Jeff became the caretaker of an old estate. On the grounds there was a spooky looking house. He now understood why no one else applied for this well paid job.

As he entered the spooky house Jeff trembled and stutter that he last had as a child returned as he tried to say.. is anybody here?

There was an eerie silence and then a weird old voice said “you have finally came! I have been waiting for you.”

Jeff nervously turned on the lights only to see…. His grandpa! It turns out this estate belonged to his grandpa and he was gifting to whomever was brave enough to entre the spooky residence.



27 th vibrate   The speakers vibrate when the music is very loud .

28 th curious I am curious about snakes 

29 th cruel It is cruel to keep a dog unfed 

30 th serene the sea is very serene 

1st May stutter I had a stutter and went to speech therapy 



"The Bike began to vibrate. I was curious what it could be. I reached the top of the hill slowly as it was cruel and gruelling.

I was relieved to see the serene view of the valley below but then I realised that there was also another hill above. My dad said come on, but all I could do was stutter..."



1: Tectonic plates vibrate when they touch.

2: I am curious to find out how many people have died from Coronavirus around the world.

3: School stands for: Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives (only joking hope it made you smile !)

4: There is something serene about Mr Baxter when he dresses up like a woman!💅🏻💄👗

5: Despite all of the practice,Mr Baxter has been known to stutter on his lines on stage! 



1.My brand new chair can vibrate.

2. I'm curious about the Northern Lights.

3. On Wednesday, it was my dad's 40th birthday! We teased him which was cruel. 

4. We went to the countryside, it was serene.

5. My brother has a stutter.



Vibrate - I play my music so loud that it makes the floor vibrate.

Curious - I am curious about when we have to go back to school.

Cruel - My mum is very cruel when she makes me do lots of school work.

Serene - I went to the beach and the sea was very serene.

Stutter - Some people stutter when they speak.