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Word of the Day!

'Word of the Day' Challenge!


Each day we will be adding on here a 'Word of the Day'.  Note the words down and then on Friday, or over the weekend, reply to our Purple Mash emails with your sentences.  Remember to try to include fronted adverbials, adjectives and adverbs to make your sentences as exiting as possible. Go on, have a go and try to wow us with your ideas!

Here are the words...


Monday 18th May - brave

Tuesday 19th May - warm

Wednesday 20th May - clumsy

Thursday 21st May - moody

Friday 22nd May - shy


Monday 11th May - tight

Tuesday 12th May - loose

Wednesday 13th May - weird

Thursday 14th May - reach

Friday 15th May - invite


We can't wait to read your amazing sentences!!